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5 Ways to Increase Your Oklahoma City Business with SEO

Having a business in Oklahoma City isn’t easy. There’s lots of competition in some niches, and in other instances, it is difficult to find people interested. Using SEO, you can get the leading edge to beat out your competitors. Some aspects of using SEO to increase your Oklahoma City business will also get your more traffic and customers without even involving search engines!

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to improve SEO. Not only will it drive more links to your website and make more pages, but it will also build up a following. If people are interested in your blog, they will follow you and keep coming back to your website. This will lead to long-term customers, which are infinitely more valuable than one time buyers.

2. Use Social Media

Using and being active on social media these days is vital for any business. Search engines use social media followings as a sign of trust for your business. On top of being good trust indicators for search engines, more people will trust and do business with you if you are active and keep up with social media. Even if people aren’t interested right now, but like the idea of your business, they will follow you. If someone likes your business, being on social media is an excellent way for them to share you with his or her friends.

3. Use Google My Business

Google My Business lets Google know a lot about your business. It enables you to put up open times, open days, a description of your business, contact information and your physical location using Google Maps. Using this helps you when people are searching for something near them. If you are their closest option, they are more likely to choose you. This also allows users to leave reviews of your business. Having good reviews is a huge selling point for many potential customers that are on the fence about buying your product.

4. Submit Yourself to Local Directories

Submitting yourself to local directories will help you with SEO in Oklahoma City. There are many directories that you can send yourself to. While not that many people look through directories for businesses, search engines use directories to find businesses. Being in more directories will give you more backlinks to your website, thus increasing trust further for your site.

5. Partner Up with Other Companies

Partnering up with other companies is a great business tactic for both parties involved. Customers that trust one company are more likely to trust companies that they are partnered with. Another great reason to partner up with other companies is for more backlinks. Backlinks are massive in getting good SEO and getting high quality, and organic backlinks are from other companies is far better than getting backlinks from a spam site. Partnering up will also gain you more social media followers and help grow your business like that.

5 Benefits of SEO for Your Oklahoma City Business

Search engine optimization is a good investment for any business. There are many reasons why you would want to do SEO, especially in Oklahoma City. In most cities, local SEO is the most powerful tool that you can use to get more people to both come to your website, and come to your business.

1. Increased Traffic to Your Website

Getting more traffic to your website is what every business wants. Using SEO in Oklahoma City is the best way to get targeted, long-term traffic to your site. While other forms of marketing can get you traffic, an ad campaign won’t last as long as being in the number one position on Google or Bing, and over time, certainly won’t be as cheap. Having the organic traffic that SEO will bring to your website will give you more long-term leads and customers.

2. Increased Foot Traffic to Your Business

Search engine optimization will not only bring more traffic to your website, but it will also bring in more customers on foot into your business. Even if you aren’t in the top spot on Google, if you are the closest place available to someone, more people will go to your business without even going to your website. Thanks to tools like Google My Business, your location is displayed at the top of a search directly on Google Maps.

3. More Visibility for Your Business

Having strong visibility is a must-have for any business. You do not want to miss out on any customer that you can get. Without proper SEO, you are missing a whole lot of people that are searching for a business like you, because if you aren’t on the first page of search results, you are missing out on well over half of people searching online. If you are at least on the first page, you will be getting a lot more visibility, and if you are using the right tools, for the right keywords, you will even be at the top of the search. So if people don’t decide right then to go to you, they will still know that you exist.

4. Cheaper than Other Forms of Advertising

Other forms of advertising, like cost per click or billboards, can get very expensive and aren’t always targeted correctly. With SEO the people that are going to your website are already searching for your business or something similar and are already interested in what you have to offer. Not only will SEO get you higher rankings, if done right, it will also get you more followers on social media. Social media is another excellent way to advertise your business these days, and it goes along perfectly with building trust in search engines.

5. Better Community Outreach

Having an active community outreach is something that a lot of local businesses want, and it helps build a good reputation amongst people. With the right SEO, you will have more followers on social media and be able to create a better reputation that way.