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For all you fence companies out there, I wanted to get an idea of how many leads you are missing. I searched here in Oklahoma City for a fence company, and this is what I found in the Maps on Google. The middle one had like no reviews. The bottom one had one review, it was a five star, and the top one had like a 2.2-star rating. So I know there's a lot of fence companies out there that probably aren't getting a lot of great reviews. I'm sure they've all got a bunch of happy customers, but they just all, they don't seem to be able to get reviews. So I just wanted to put together something to show you how many leads you're missing. Now if you're in and around the Oklahoma City area, these numbers will accurately apply to you.

If you're in another city or smaller town, then the numbers might be a little bigger or a little smaller adjusted for the size of your city. So what I did was I went and looked at the number of people that were searching for fencing in and around Oklahoma City. So this is not people that look for fence companies, you know, all that would be more fence installation, those types of things. This is just people that are looking for fencing. So there's a lot of other ways that people are doing it, but I'm trying to be just conservative. So there are about 760 people in Oklahoma City that are searching for fencing. Now that's about 9,120 searches per year. And, and that's not just searches, that's customers. These are 9,000, 120 people every year there's a search for, for a fence company in Oklahoma City.

So now how much does the average person spend on a fence installation? I went to HomeAdvisor. They've got this great cost estimator. So you can see what the average person is spending for installation of a fence. Now the national average is $2,765. Now I put in the Oklahoma city zip code. So, uh, the, the numbers in your area may be a little higher or lower, and, and you can see the range here, but either way, it's a, now this isn't just for wood installation, this isn't for a chain link. This is only an average fence installation. So what does that mean? You know, so what's the actual cost of not getting, you know, not having all those people, uh, pick up the phone and, and give you a call. So if 9,120 people are searching every year for just "fencing" in Oklahoma City, and there's about a 64% of those people that will come to your website, they'll visit the business, or they'll contact you in some way according to BrightLocal.

So then that would give us about 5,837 prospects each year that we could talk to. So out of that 5,837, about 5% of those are going to turn into leads for you. Now, out of those 291 leads the average close rate in the industry is about 22% according to Hubspot. So if yours is a little higher or lower than that, you can adjust that. But if the industry average close rates about 22%, and if we've got 64 new customers each year, and the average fence installation is $2,765, that would mean that not having great reviews is costing you $177,526 per year. So really, you know, the actual cost of not having the great reviews and your potential clients picking somebody else because of that, it could be costing you $177,526 every year for not having great reviews.

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