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Keyword Research

Every business is unique and understanding what you offer to the community is an important part of not only helping the Search Engines understand what your business is about, but it also helps you identify how you can match your abilities with what your potential customers are already looking for.

On Page SEO

After identifying the search terms that are most likely to maximize your return on investment, it is important to understand what each page on your site is encouraging your visitors to do, and then to ensure that the Google and other Search Engines understand what your page is about so they can comfortably show your site to their searchers. 

Align Socials with SEO

While many businesses these days have their social media sites set up, long gone are the days of being able to just put up a couple of social media posts to let Google and others know to send self identified leads to your site.  We optimize the use of many different social platforms.  This has an added benefit when it comes to reputation management as it gives you more opportunities to control the message.

Building Trust

Trust is an important factor in most human interactions.  Google has learned a lot over the years and they too have built in a way to identify sites that can be trusted.  We take the same care of your site that we do our own and take the time to build trust so that you can enjoy the benefits of a steady stream of ready prospects.

Gaining Authority

Trust and Authority are tied together in that the greater trust you have the greater authority you wield.  Getting the right people saying the right things about you and your business online is an important part of Authority.  Authority isn't gained by just anyone saying something in a review or comment, but by earning the mention on other sites that are already an authority in your industry.

Repeat and Expand

A rising tide lifts all boat, and as your site begins to rank for targeted keywords, it will likely identify other opportunities that you can take advantage of.  We build in a monthly review of what you are ranking for and identify possible avenues for growth.  This is where the fun starts as you can literally grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Building A Lead Generation Machine
Has Never Been So Much Fun

Christopher Villanueva

Real Estate Investor

I have seen some of Bill's SEO work and am always impressed with the quality of his work. He seems to have an uncanny ability to recognize profitable keywords and then use great techniques to get them to the first page of Google. If you need to get more clients and revenue from your website, give Bill a call.

Dave Rasmussen

Business Owner

It is hard to overstate the talent that Bill Cook displays when he is working on business websites. The sites I have seen him work on consistently move to the top of the search engines for the keywords that actually get more clients. If you need more clients, you should call Bill.

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How Optimization Helps Your Business Grow

SEO Increases Exposure

One thing that we know is that by helping the Search Engines understand what your pages are about, they will show your page more often when people are searching for products or services that you offer.  It is often exciting to see how your customers are finding your business.

Lead Generation Fast Track

By applying our Idea Growth Factory to your website, we help turn your ideas into a reality.  Our comprehensive approach to growth ensures that you take advantage of previously hidden opportunities to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization Helps The Bottom Line

Momentum is a powerful force which can build upon itself to take your business to the next level.

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