Oklahoma City Business Resources

This is going to be a resource where you can find most anything to help grow your business or keep it going in and around the Oklahoma City Metro.  There are many ways to advertise and market your business right here in the Oklahoma City Metro area, we are proud to be part of a great number of high quality businesses who are dedicated to ensure that your business succeeds.  

Looking at the list below it may seem like there is a lot of competition, but I can assure you that there is room for everyone and everyone has the same ultimate goal in mind - Increasing the standard of living for everyone in Oklahoma City.  While we all may be competitive when it comes to trying to get your business, your success is our success.

If you have suggestions for businesses or categories for us to add, please let us know.  This resource is for all businesses in Oklahoma City.

Web Design Resources

Web design is the base to doing any kind of advertising online. While you can get away with not having a website for your business, you won’t have nearly as much success as if you did actually have a website. Using web design to grow your business is surprisingly easy, and the most work that you really have to do these days is write about your business.

Doing your own web design these days is surprisingly simple. With content management systems, such as WordPress, you don’t have to work that hard to find a good theme for your website to use. You don’t even have to mess with any code, it’s just basic plug-and-play. There are many free resources that you can use to improve your website and make it look the way that you want to. With different plugins for WordPress and other CMSs, you can pretty much make your website look however you want to without any outside professional help.

The only problem with doing your web design all by yourself is that it takes a lot of time, especially if you are new to it and don’t know exactly what you are doing. While it might take a professional web designer a couple of hours to design a website, it might take you a couple of days to produce a website of lower quality. Hiring someone else to do your web design for you is a good way to ensure that you have an amazing looking website that is optimized correctly and can be viewed on any platform.

Having a website that looks good on any platform is extremely important no matter what kind of clients you are looking for. These days, everybody has a smartphone or tablet that they do some sort of browsing on, so having your website available to everyone is the best decision that you can make. Making your website responsive is an easy way to ensure that anybody can view your website and not have to worry about it looking bad.

Oklahoma City Web Design Agencies

  • Oklahoma Web Design & Hosting is located in South West Oklahoma City off of Pennsylvania Avenue and SW 104th Street. Oklahoma Web Design and Hosting provides Oklahoma businesses with affordable, professional web development, custom web design, custom database design, web hosting services and web maintenance. Their Oklahoma City web design firm is a woman-owned and woman-operated business that has been doing work since 1997. Their philosophy is to structure the website to not only engage the customer’s interest, but also give the business the leading edge that they need to succeed.
  • Headstorm Studios is located in Midtown in Downtown Oklahoma City off of N Harvey Avenue in between NW 9th and 10th Street. Founded in 2009, Headstorm was built centered around the design, graphic, and web passions of its founders. What started as a part-time hobby quickly turned into a full-time and full-service company. With their diverse team, they are able to create aesthetically pleasing and high-end designs that are custom fit for your business. Their services include business branding, web and app development, 3D animation, 2D animation, web hosting and drafting services.
  • Front2Back Studio is located in the Northwest Part of Oklahoma City off of W Hefner Road and N May Avenue. Their services include web design and development, WordPress theme and plugin services, website support and maintenance, video production and product photography. They will help you build your website and take away the frustration that you, as a business owner, could be experiencing when trying to make and produce your own website.

SEO Resources

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably the best forms of advertising that you can get for your business. SEO brings targeted traffic directly to your website for relatively cheaply. On top of that, once you do a little bit of SEO, you don’t have to continue paying for it to keep getting results. Once you rank for a keyword, you pretty much stay at that rank, bringing in new clients from the searches without needing to put in more work.

With the ever increasing popularity of smartphones and the internet, there is no doubt that having a website that is ranking for keywords in a search engine will bring you lots of business. A strong majority of people will use Google before they try something new, whether they are just looking for reviews or looking for somewhere they haven’t been before.

There are many different aspects about SEO that are important to understand. The first is knowing what kind of SEO you are going to want to do. Local SEO will bring you more local customers and gets results faster since there is less competition. If you own a physical brick-and-mortar business, you don’t actually have to worry about having a website or doing anything at all to appear at the top of some searches. Using a tool called Google MyBusiness, all you have to do is input your business’s information and you will show up on the map that shows up at the top of some searches! However, it is still recommended that you do more SEO on top of that to maximize your results.

Making sure that your information is accurate across all platforms that you advertise yourself on. Making sure that your name, address, and phone number are the same across everywhere that you advertise yourself is very important to getting and keeping your rank in the search engines.

Oklahoma City SEO Agencies

  • Tangible Vagaries OKC is located on the Southwest side of Oklahoma City off of 104th and Penn. Tangible Vagaries does keyword research, on page SEO, aligns social media accounts with SEO, builds your website’s trust and gains authority. With all of these together, you can guarantee better results and your website will rank better in the search engines. Tangible Vagaries will get your business ranking for keywords outside of just your company’s name. Ranking just for your company’s name won’t get you any more customers. Working with Tangible Vagaries you will generate more leads and increase your exposure.

Social Media Marketing Agencies

Social media marketing is a great way to introduce your business to a whole new realm of people. Advertising your business and being active on social media is a must these days. Everybody uses some form of social media, whether they use Facebook, Twitter or even Reddit. Advertising on these kinds of websites is free traffic directly to your website and can very quickly and easily get your name out there to many different people. Whether you want to market yourself or have someone else do your social media marketing for you, you are definitely going to need to do it in some way, shape, or form in order to compete in today’s market, no matter what industry you are in.

Doing social media marketing for yourself isn’t too hard. Just making sure that you log in at least once a day and make a post for your business is a great start to getting new customers for your business. It doesn’t take that much time to grow your following to a respectable level, and for it to grow on its own. Having a social media account allows current customers to share your business with all of their friends and can allow your business to build on itself without having to actively try to get any followers. Simply having a “Follow Us” button on your website will be sure to bring in more traffic to your social media pages and also get you more loyal customers.

Having a social media marketing agency do the social media work for you is another good way to go. Some business owners simply don’t have the time to do all of the social media work. A social media marketing firm will also know how to better advertise your business across different social media platforms, so you won’t have to waste your time trying and testing new ideas that come into your head to see if they do or don’t work. This kind of convenience and knowledge could save you lots of time and headache, as well as skyrocket the business that you are getting from social media!

Oklahoma City Social Media Marketing Agencies

  • Smirk New Media is located just west of I-235 on NE 10th Street just outside of Midtown. Smirk New Media understands that having an active online engagement is important to the growth and success of many businesses these days. Their work is done through proven strategies, a result-driven approach, and through the use of creative content. Smirk New Media dedicates themselves to saving you time and resources by managing your social media accounts with continuous engagement across all social media platforms and stays up to date on all of the newest updates in social media to ensure that they are advertising you in the most effective and efficient way possible.
  • Freestyle Creative is located in Moore, Oklahoma off of I-35. Freestyle Creative is a full-service creative agency that partners with Oklahoma businesses to contribute to the growth of the state of Oklahoma. Using creative and strategic marketing campaigns, they can efficiently market and grow your business using their team of professionals. Their services include Advertising, Branding and Design, Public Relations, Web Development, Video Production and Digital Marketing.
  • Koch Communications is located on Sheridan Avenue in Downtown Oklahoma City. Koch Communications is a company that guides their clients projects and goals from an idea to completion. Using their experience in public relations and digital marketing strategy, they can provide a service like no other. They provide many services, ranging from analytics and digital strategy all the way to public relations and creative content marketing strategies. 

Car Signs

Signs that are on the sides of cars or are displayed out the rear of your car can be a good way to get some easy advertisement for your business. Many people like to pay attention to their surroundings when they are driving, so placing your sign on your car is actually a pretty easy and good way to get noticed. Having a sign on the side or rear of your car is pretty out of the ordinary for most drivers, and they will look and see what exactly is going on.

Making a car sign isn’t too difficult, all it really takes is for you to paint your logo onto the side of your car, or make a bumper sticker of your company. Both are great ways to get noticed and can lead to more people becoming aware of your business, especially making a bumper sticker since you can use that to give to people that support your business for some bonus free advertising. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of awareness before your business starts booming.

For some businesses, using signs on the side or back of your car won’t do too much, while for other businesses it will do fantastic. Some areas of town don’t respond as well to some car signs either. Some businesses, like lawn care and pest control, benefit immensely from having advertisements on the sides of their car, while web design firms and antique shops won’t benefit as much from it.

Oklahoma City Car Sign Companies

  • Signarama is located just north of I-240 on Western near South Oklahoma City. If you are looking for quality signs to brand your location, Signarama has all of your needs. They are happy to consult with you so that you can get the right sign for your business. They will help you utilize your companies vehicles into a great advertising tool to promote your company.
  • Signs by Tomorrow is located just North of I-40 in Midwest City. Signs by Tomorrow is here to help you create affordable, high impact signs that will get your messages noticed. They will help you create a high-quality sign that will get noticed, whether on the side of your car or on the sides of your building. They are here to help. Services include custom signs, custom signage, custom graphics, display solutions, and digital printing.
  • Sign Innovations is located just west of I-35 on Grand Boulevard in Oklahoma City. They provide vehicle wraps and quality sign installation and service in Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond and other surrounding areas. They have been in business since 1985. They are an Oklahoma based sign company whose services include banners, vehicle wraps, vinyl graphics neon, trade show displays, large format full-color digital printing, interior signs, architectural signs, channel letters and ADA compliant signs. 

Billboard Agencies

Billboards are a great way to spread a message amongst a broad audience and an almost guaranteed way that people will see what your business is. Billboards target those mainly from out of town, as they don’t know the town like the people that are local to Oklahoma City. People that have lived in Oklahoma City for most of their lives can rely more on word of mouth and local advertisements to get what they want, but people from out of town aren’t as exposed to that kind of advertising.

Getting with the right billboard agency that can put your business up on display can be very helpful when doing advertising for your business. Typically, when people even think about advertisements, their first thought is that of a giant billboard. Billboards get seen by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis and can expose you to a much larger audience than you would ever expect. While it isn’t necessarily targeted, due to the huge amount of impressions that you will make, it is almost a guarantee that your business will see some growth from you putting out a billboard advertisement.

Graphic design is very important for putting up a billboard. Many billboard and other outdoor advertising agencies can provide you with a graphic designer to help you make the best billboard that will get you the most possible customers. Billboards are generally a person’s first impression of you, so making a strong impression is critical.

Oklahoma City Billboard Companies

  • Tyler Outdoor Advertising is an outdoor advertising business that is located on Shields Blvd between SW 44th and SW59th Street. They have more than 1500 streetside signs and billboards throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. They are experienced in many different outdoor advertising strategies and can assist you with a design for your company to get the most possible clients. They are a family owned business with ties to other advertising companies in the media business. They offer designs not only on billboards but also digital billboards, benches, shelters and bulletins.
  • Lamar Advertising is located right off of the interchange between I-44 and I-235. They have an extensive inventory of billboards and digital displays throughout the Oklahoma City metro area that can help you get your message out there. Whether you are a small business owner that is just starting an advertising campaign or an experienced media planner, they have a variety of products at their disposal to help you reach your advertising goals.
  • Lindmark Outdoor Media is an advertising company that has billboards located throughout Oklahoma and New Mexico. They are located in Bricktown in Downtown Oklahoma City. With over 20 years of experience in the billboard advertising business, they have plenty of billboard coverage throughout the states of Oklahoma and New Mexico. They have over 1800 billboards located throughout both states, including static and digital ones. They offer free graphic design to all of their new clients to help them grow their business and reach future marketing goals. The owner of Lindmark Outdoor Media has received over 8 awards in Oklahoma City for business growth and success.

Marketing Agencies

Hiring a marketing agency is a great way to get your business’s name out there. Not only will they advertise you to people that are local to Oklahoma City, they will also advertise you to people that visit Oklahoma City and try and bring people to your business from all corners of the world. Hiring the right marketing agency could be the next step that you need to take to bring your business to the next level. Hiring a marketing agency is like hiring someone that dabbles in a little bit of everything in order to get you the best results. Some marketing agencies lean more heavily into one area or another, but they will all make sure that you have all of your bases covered.

Not every marketing agency is the same, and they all deploy different strategies that get you customers in different ways. Some take a stronger social media approach while others take a more media oriented approach. Different approaches will grow your company in different ways depending on the industry that you are in. Making sure that you choose the right marketing agency for your company is critical in getting the best possible results out of this investment.

Marketing agencies can help you build your brand. Branding your agency to be modern and professional is key to becoming successful in this day in age. Whether you are a small business just starting out or an already established business that is trying to reach new markets, having a fresh brand attached to your name is something that will help immensely to draw in business.

Marketing agencies can also engage your customers through customer relations and social media. For the best of all of the different types of marketing that you can do, both online and offline, hiring a marketing agency to do those things for you would be the right call.

Oklahoma City Marketing Agencies

  • Frazier Creative Agency is located in Midtown in Central Oklahoma City off of Shartel Avenue and NW 9th Street. They want to help you tell people your story, and big part of your story is how you market your business. They offer free consultation and will help you get on the right track towards marketing your business to more people. They view your entire marketing process as an ecosystem, where if one part is failing, the rest of the system will fail. They will ensure that your ecosystem is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Monarch Marketing Group is located right off of I-235 on NW 63rd Street just north of the I-235 and I-44 interchange. They put the client first and serve their employees with a nurturing environment to allow them to flourish. With over 21 years of service, they have a six step process that will help you reach any and all of your business goals in a quick and concise manner. They will help you define your goals, research how to get there, negotiate the price, give you a plan, monitor that plan and then analyze the data that they collect to get you the most business that you can possibly get.
  • Liquidfish is located in Bricktown off the west-side of E California Avenue. With a focus on using technology as advertising, liquidfish realizes the importance of marketing and wants to bring you the best. While they have a strong focus on online marketing, they also understand that you can’t just use only online or offline marketing strategies. You need to use both. They are developers and designers of integrated brand experiences to excite, elicit, and engage excitement from customers across all platforms.

Accounting Firm

Having an accountant for your Oklahoma City business is incredibly important and can be super helpful in getting your business to grow. Having an accountant that handles your account and can tell you what you should do with your money is significantly better than trying to handle the finances yourself. Accountants bring knowledge and experience to the table that you might not have when making business decisions.

On top of that, you are under a lot of pressure as a business owner to make large purchases. There are a lot of expenses to owning a business and having an accountant that can tell you where you should allocate your money can be invaluable. With pressure from other companies to buy their product, knowing how much money you have and will need in the future is incredible information to have.

Accountants also give you insight and analysis into numbers that are beyond what a typical business owner has time to look into. As a business owner, you might not be trained or understand how a business grows, and you shouldn’t have to bear that responsibility. While it isn’t the most complicated thing in the world, it does take time to do analysis and can take you away from your business if you don’t have outside help.

This also goes for having a personal accountant. Once your business starts to take off and you come into all of this new money, you might not know what to do with it or how to handle it. Having someone there to take care of your taxes and how much to reinvest in your business can really be a lifesaver. If you want a more sustainable business and your income to be doing more than just sitting in a bank doing nothing but lose value, then it might be time to look into hiring an accountant.

Oklahoma City Accounting Firms

  • Cox Holsted & Associates PC is located in Midtown in Oklahoma City at the corner of 9th and Robinson. Cox Holsted & Associates PC is focused and dedicated to helping their clients achieve a better life. Their goal is to help you build a sustainable business and help you by offering year round guidance towards smart business decisions. They will give you deep analysis and insight into the numbers that they run to prove to you how you can run your business as efficiently and smoothly as possible. They are there to help you, whether you are just starting out or are in need of a new accountant.
  • Van Blake’s Inc. is located in Capitol Hill in Oklahoma City off of SW 25th and Robinson Ave. Van Blake’s Inc. is a family owned CPA firm that provides year-round accounting and tax preparation, incorporation, and other financial consulting and planning services. They were founded in 1984 to help their clients achieve their financial goals while remaining legal and statutory compliance. They seek to assist families, businesses and individuals with tax preparation and accounting services with fair representation to tax agencies and financial institutions while developing long-term relationships built on trust.
  • Eide Bailly LLP is located in the Oklahoma City Arts District off of NW 6th and Robinson. Their services include business outsourcing and strategy, wealth planning, forensic accounting, cybersecurity, tax, audit, and other financial services to people that are in the metro area as well as in other states that are west of the Mississippi River.

Business Lawyers

Having a lawyer on your side and available can lead to more great ways to grow your business. They can give you the legal guidance that you will need to expand your business in legal ways to avoid any problems that you might have in the future. Having healthy expansion and keeping it legal is the best and easiest way to grow any business. Having a lawyer that is there to help you make the right decisions is a great way to keep your business growing without having to worry about anything that could potentially go wrong.

Having a lawyer on retainer will also give your clients a peace of mind, since they won’t have to worry about anything should something go wrong. They can also protect you against sketchy clients or employees that are trying to take money illegally. There are many cases out there that show just how important having a business lawyer can be, and how not having one has hurt a company. Many cases have been made popular, and usually the person with the best lawyer wins. Ensuring that you have a good lawyer on your side is the best way to keep your company and your company’s assets protected.

Hiring a business lawyer isn’t always the cheapest way to grow your business, but if things do go wrong, having them will save you a lot of time and energy when trying to fix it. Business lawyers can also help you write your terms and conditions to ensure that you are protected against everything possible without any legal backlash. On top of that, it can help your customers to know that they are protected in case something does happen.

Oklahoma City Business Lawyers

  • Taylor Law Firm, PLLC is located just North of Midtown in Oklahoma City at the corner of NW 13th St and N Lee Avenue. It can be hard to find a lawyer that you can trust, especially if you have had a bad experience with an attorney in the past. The results of hiring a good or bad lawyer can impact your life for many years to come. Taylor Law Firm is here to help protect your rights and help you move towards your legal goals.
  • Margaret Travis Attorney At Law is located in the Arts District at the corner of Colcord Drive and North Walker Avenue. They help people and small businesses located in Oklahoma City return to financial health. Much of modern life is nearly impossible to live without taking out at least some kinds of loans, and over time those loans can pile up. Having this kind of debt can really set you back and can seem nearly impossible to get out of without some kind of help. Margaret Travis is here to help you get out of debt so that you can meet your legal and financial goals.
  • Robinson Hoover & Fudge, PLLC is located in Downtown Oklahoma City on Robinson Avenue. Robinson Hoover & Fudge provides high-quality legal services to debt purchasers and consumer creditors. With more than 100 years of combined experience, this firm consists of three partners, two associates, and more than twenty full-time legal assistants. They represent clients in tribal, federal and state courts throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Business Consultants

Business consulting is very important to grow your business in a healthy manner. They can help you with your business practices and aid in professional growth. Getting a second opinion on what you should do with your business is a good way to know how and when you should start to expand your business. Their opinion is also not as biased as someone that is working within the company’s opinion. They are a good third-party to go to in order to find out your next plans for your business.

There are a couple of reasons that you should go with a business consultant and not off of your “gut feeling” is because these guys are professionals and have helped many people successfully grow their business. Having a professional take a look at your business can save you lots of time and money. Without a business consultant, you don’t have the experience that a business consultant has and will be relying mainly on trial-and-error to figure things out, which is a very expensive way to do it.

Business consultants can help you plan for the future and prime you to take advantage of opportunities. Sometimes, opportunities just come up and you only get one shot to take them. Being prepared for these opportunities is something that business consultants do to help expand businesses. If your business suddenly takes off, you need to have a plan to take care of the influx of new customers. Developing strategies can help you initiate opportunities and help with sudden growth as it occurs.

Oklahoma City Business Consultants

  • M Y Consulting Group is located in the Arts District in Oklahoma City at the corner of NE 6th St and N Robinson Avenue. M Y believes in long-term client relations and their goal is to be the consultant of choice in the markets that they serve. Their philosophy is derived from their complete commitment to their clients. They are founded on three principles that values long-term clientele and fosters good business practices. First, they value integrity as that is the baseline to foster any kind of trust between businesses. Second, they understand your need for outside consulting and work to provide the best services possible. And finally, they treat their employees as if they were clients as well.
  • Pinnacle Consulting Management Group is located in Lawyers TItle Building LLC off of NW 11th and N Robinson Avenue in the Midtown district in Downtown Oklahoma City. Beginning in 1997, Pinnacle has been serving its clients needs with land acquisition, consulting, relocation assistance and survey. They have a staff and an environment that fosters professional growth, rewards and security. Their services will help you immensely when expanding your business to new locations and will get you the best deal possible on the land that is required and help you move your stuff over.
  • TC Burgin CPA is located in Southwest Oklahoma City off of 104th and Pennsylvania Avenue. TC Burgin understands that businesses are largely a numbers game and want to handle yours so that you can focus on actually doing your business. While they are an accounting firm, they want to go above and beyond that to give you the best experience that you can possibly get from an accounting firm. They offer accounting services and professional support to help you reach your future financial goals.

Local Chambers of Commerce

Using the local chambers of commerce to grow your business is a great way to make your business look more official. All of the chambers of commerce are pretty much the same in that they provide you a way to let the city know more about your business. Chambers of commerce are really just a large directory for businesses throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.

Submitting yourself to the local chamber of commerce is a great way to not only get noticed by the city, but also to get noticed by search engines. The chamber of commerce websites are all very high authority websites and submitting yourself to them and getting a backlink will help you with SEO. Having a website that is ranking high in the search engines is probably the best way that you can market your company in a cheap and efficient manner while also getting lots of targeted traffic.

Oklahoma City Metro Chambers Of Commerce

Business Insurance

Having business insurance is very important if you own a business. Many different things can happen, especially in Oklahoma City, that is unexpected and can lead to some financial trouble if you don’t have business insurance. Having protection from criminals and protecting your customers is something that you shouldn’t have to think about and if something unexpected goes wrong, you shouldn’t have to worry about it completely destroying your business.

Weather is something that people in Oklahoma actually have to worry about. Oklahoma City is prone to having some very serious tornados and bad weather, and having insurance to protect against that is a complete necessity. Getting your business flooded or having it completely swept away shouldn’t mean that your business goals are completely destroyed. Having insurance to back you up on this will help you a lot.

Customers also trust a business more if they have insurance. They want the peace of mind of knowing that if something were to happen to you or your business that their assets will be protected. It can also protect you if you make a mistake, such as accidentally breaking a lamp in a customers house. Without insurance to protect you, you will have to pay completely out of pocket if something that is completely out of your control goes wrong. Business owners generally don’t think that many things will go wrong, but when they do, it is good to have a backup.

Crime is also something to consider when you own a business in Oklahoma City. While Oklahoma City isn’t filled with too much crime, it would be stupid to say that it can’t happen to you. Whether you have to deal with a thief or an arsonist or a customer gets robbed in your store, it is good to have insurance there to pay for the damages. Getting the most coverage for the best price is something that all business owners are looking for and having insurance is very important for a growing business.

Oklahoma City Business Insurance Agencies

  • Oklahoma Business Insurors is located near Centennial Plaza in Central Oklahoma City near Northwest Expressway. Their goal is to protect your customers, place of business, and your people. They are more than insurance agents, they are insurance specialists that can give you the services that will ensure your success. They are an independent insurance agency that represents clients in Oklahoma and surrounding states. For the past three years, they have been selected as one of the nation’s best run insurance agencies by the Independent Insurance Agents Brokers of America.
  • Multiquote Business Insurance is located off of Pennsylvania Avenue near South West Oklahoma City. They are run just north of I-240. They can help you get a great rate on any business insurance by getting and comparing quotes from several of the nation’s leading insurance companies. Their customer service is very good and they are experts at finding insurance quotes that are not only cheap options but also options that give you the best coverage.
  • Professional Insurors Agency, LLC is located just north of the I-44 and I-235 interchange in downtown Oklahoma City. They have been providing business insurance solutions to the Oklahoma City metro area for over 37 years. They meet all of the specialty needs of their business insurance property clients and offer solutions for construction insurance, apartment building insurance, real estate insurance, Oklahoma workers compensation insurance and many other business insurance policies. Professional Insurors Agency is locally owned and their expert risk advisement team can help you find your way through Oklahoma’s stringent laws and regulations regarding insurance.