SEO Success Story #3

SEO Success Story 3

Where I am, and how I got here:

This is what Ahrefs was showing when I first checked this morning:

Where we were a Week and a Month ago:

Actions Taken Yesterday

  1. 1
    Installed Camtasia
  2. 2
    Got 2 More Links
  3. 3
    Finalizing articles on 1 other site
  4. 4
    1 Hour BNI Training
  5. 5
    Ordered 2 Articles
  6. 6
    Went to Gym
  7. 7
    Walked 4.5 Miles

Here is the historical graph of what I am seeing in Google's Search Console:

Let's Work Together

Important Links

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David Mills - David pretty much taught me how to "think" and to "know" what's "important", we also have a Facebook group where a bunch of us discuss ideas.

BNI - Networking group that is great for local businesses to get referrals