When is SEO Worth The Cost in Oklahoma City

Search engine optimization is the best form of advertising in today’s market. Determining whether or not it is the right choice and worth the cost for your Oklahoma City business is more accessible than it might sound. SEO can be incredibly cheap or moderately expensive depending on if you want to do the SEO for yourself or if you’re going to hire an SEO agency.

Do Your Research

Determining whether or not SEO is worth the cost can be tricky at times. Since SEO isn’t really like regular marketing, meaning that you will see results almost immediately. SEO can take months to even get to the first page of Google depending on the competition. If there is little to no competition, then getting to the front page is extremely easy, especially in Oklahoma City.

Find Out What Your Potential Clients Are Looking For

When you are trying to find out if it would be worth it for you to do SEO in Oklahoma City, you have to look at the search volume for a particular keyword in Oklahoma City. Let’s take, for example, “ice cream Oklahoma city.” That keyword, according to Google AdWords, gets searched 390 times per month. Now if you search for “ice cream shop Oklahoma city” you will notice that at the top there are 3 locations, all of them are for Braum’s, but underneath that is the actual search results or not local results.

Is There a Map Pack for Your Services

If you wanted to open up an ice cream shop in Oklahoma City, the “actual results” you probably won’t care too much about, but the local results will help you tremendously. Since a majority of your business will be people coming in, it is far more important to rank in the local results rather than the other results.

The cost of getting into the local results is surprisingly cheap. In fact, it doesn’t cost a dime. You don’t even need a website (though it does help) to get listed on Google Maps thanks to Google My Business. Other ways to get into local results are to create a Facebook page, Twitter profile and use other forms of social media. Social media is another excellent way to get, what essentially amounts to, free advertising.

Hire A Professional

Hiring an SEO agency is another route that you can take to get the right, high-quality SEO. If you don’t know how to do SEO, don’t want to, or don’t have the time to do your SEO, then hiring an outside agency to do it for you is probably the best course of action. Knowing whether or not it is worth it is up to how many people are searching for you. The thing about SEO is that it is long term. If you hire an SEO agency for six months and they get you to rank number one for multiple keywords, your website will still be there even if you decide not to renew your contract. So the customers that you are getting from SEO will continue to flow in for a very long time.

In conclusion, getting targeted customers from search engines is worth the cost almost no matter what. If you decide to do it yourself, the only price for it is the time that you put into learning how to do it, perhaps recovering from mistakes if you get your site penalized and then the time you put into finally doing it. If you hire the right company to do it, as long as your business grows, it will continue to grow as long as your site is ranking.